How to Win Real Money with NetEnt Slots in 2020

Are you a fan of NetEnt slots? Read through our guide on how to make a fortune from the slots.

NetEnt slots provide a different ball game when it comes to online gambling. Unlike blackjack where you can depend on a strategy, with slots at , it purely bases on luck. Therefore, how you can beat a slot machine that continues to produce random outcomes with each spin of the reels? Learn more winning ways here below.

Winning with Return to Player

The online gambling sector forms part of a complex system form placing bets and profits. Wondering how your casino makes it profits? This is through the return to player rate. The return to player rate means that percentage off the total earnings by a winner payable by the casino such as at .

  • Slots are a game of pure luck
  • No need for a strategy with slots

How does the return to player affect your winnings? The higher the return to player rate, the higher your potential winnings from the online casino. The profit making scheme by online casinos bet on the percentage of the return to player. The flip side of the return to player makes part of the house advantage.

Selection of Slot Machines

After understanding the return to player rates at an online casino, it is time to move on to the slot machines. Are the slot machines similar? No. There are different slot machines with different titles, payout percentages, animations and graphics. With each slot, you have a higher chance of winnings at the casino.

Therefore, you need to establish between the high paying and low paying slot machines available. The high paying machines boast of high payout percentages in comparison to the low paying slot machines. How you do know a slot machines is either high or low paying? You can tell by trying out the free slots at the casino.

Making Most of Volatility of Slots

Volatility of slots refers to the risk level associated with playing the sort of casino game. With each casino game, there is a certain degree of risk element involved between winning and losing. The volatility of slots is calculated with the use of mathematical formulas. Therefore, it bears an edge on your overall winnings.

With high volatility slots, it presents a case of a high risk level related with the casino games. It means that the chances of winning the slot games are low but once you hit the jackpot, the winnings are very large. With low volatility slots, it means that the chances of winning are high but in small amount.

  • Volatility refers to also variance
  • Volatility is tied closely to RTP


Understanding Bet Size

In case you want an instant and large winning from the online casino, your bet size plays a major role. Win amounts with slot games are calculated based on the bet size. The overall payout ratio for the betting system at the online casino is directly related with the amount of the bet size placed.

As a rule of thumb, the higher the bet size, the higher the return to player rate and thus the higher the returns. This is done with cognizance that all other parameters and rules remain constant inclusive of the initial bankroll. When playing low bets on low variance games, it means you will be playing for longer.

  • Understand your bet size
  • Higher bet size the higher the potential winnings

Playing from a Legit Online Casino

There are many scam online casinos on the rise. The casino end up rigging their slots to make the house edge. Hence a player ends up losing their money unknowingly. This breeds the need to play from a legit online casino with good reputation such as NetEnt with over twenty years of operation.

How can you tell a legit from a scam casino? You start by reviewing the licensing of the online casino. Proceed to trying the free slots version of the casino to get a feel of the casino. At NetEnt, all the slot machines are tested and approved by international regulatory bodies to ensure it meet the international standards.

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