In-Depth Review of How NetEnt Works

Ever wondered how NetEnt operating from placing bets to administering wins? Read through for a full disclosure.

NetEnt currently works as one of the most trusted and reliable software developer in the gambling sector. With over 200 slot games delivered to over 170 trusted online casinos, the firm has build a solid online reputation of unique and innovate gambling solutions such as at .

How Does NetEnt Casinos Make Their Profit

Similar to the brick and mortar casinos, online casinos work on the same profit making system. Through the payout ratio from winnings and losses, the online casinos take up a part of the proceedings which acts as their profit such as at .

When a player wagers their money, there is the return to player rate which dictates the percentage of the player's winnings. On the flip side, the remaining part of the percentages forms part of the house edge hence the casino makes their profit.

  • House advantage is the flip side of the RTP
  • House is edge is from both wins and losses of players

How Does the Return to Player Work?

At NetEnt casinos, it boasts of having high Return to Player rates that are attractive to players. The return to player rate refers to the proportion of the winnings which are payable to the player after finishing all the rounds on the reels.

Each game game features a return to player rate that dictates the sharing percentage. The flip side makes the house edge. Hence, it remains the prerogative of the player to ensure they select games with a high payout percentage for making a profit from the slots.

Volatility of Slots

All the casino games come with an attachment of the risk level. This reflects on the potential of either making a winning or lose with the casino game. The risk level attached to the casino game makes part of the volatility of the slot games.

With high volatility games, it packs a higher risk level but with large potential winnings. It best suits the game play of high rollers. With low risk slot games, it packs a low risk level hence frequent small winnings. This is perfect for building bankroll as a beginner.

  • RTP rates relate with volatility of slots
  • Volatility also is referred to the variance

How Does NetEnt Ensure Fairness?

There are many cases of slot rigging that deters players from online casino. However, at NetEnt, it uses a Random Number Generator for each of the slots. What does the RNG do? It ensures that the slot machines produce random numbers that provide random outcomes for the results.

Can you beat the RNG to win? No. Both the player and house cannot find a way around the RNG. It is a computation that provides random numbers each time you spin the reels. Therefore, you stand a higher chance of winning without any interference.

  • Slots are a game of luck
  • A player cannot bear the RNG

In a Nutshell

NetEnt ranks as one of the most reliable software developers involved in production of a unique set of graphics, sounds and designs of games for players. The payout percentages for the slot games are solely tied to the single game round at the online casino.

The slots at NetEnt are free from rigging thanks to the random number generator. With each result from spinning the reels, it means that the results are purely random. Furthermore, the variance of the game is dependent on the size of the potential winnings.


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